The Department of Sports of the City of Hellín reported today on the celebration next Saturday of the XIX Triathlon Valle de Agramón.

Mayor Manuel Serena and Miriam Maestre, Councilor for Sports, together with those responsible for Municipal Sports Services, Hellín Triathlon Club, Red Cross, Civil Protection, SEPI, Civil Guard and Local Police held a coordination and security meeting to mount the operation to organize the test in the hamlet of Agramón, in morning and afternoon sessions.

More than 200 triathletes will participate in the test with the collaboration of more than 75 volunteers from the district, as well as an operation of volunteers in guide bicycles, motorcycles, and transport trucks. As for the security forces, the Civil Guard will equip the test with four motorized units and support vehicles of Citizen Security, and Civil Protection will provide the test with six troops and two vehicles. On the part of the Red Cross, there will be medicalized ambulances, a field hospital and an all-terrain vehicle, plus 13 troops including doctors and volunteers.

In the swimming test, located in the Camarilla swamp, there will be four SEPEI troops and two zodiacs who will mount the buoy beaconing and monitor the safety of the test.

Finally, 10 troops and two motorized units of the Local Police will control road traffic and cut the streets of the test in Agramón.

Similarly, we must not forget that, in the preparation of the test, assembly and monitoring, the Municipal Sports Services, Brigadilla, Electrical Services and Gardeners play a key role in achieving the normal development of a sporting event of such magnitude.

The Municipal Sports Services informs that the roads through which the sports event will travel (cycling), the road towards Agramón, and the road towards Las Minas will remain closed from 6 pm until the end of it.

In the hamlet of Agramón, the route of the sporting event (race) will affect the cut of road traffic in the following streets: Ctra. Las Minas, Plaza de San Joaquín, C / Mayor, C / Padre Gil Leira, C / Vista Hermosa, C / Hellín, C / Rio, C / La Loma, C / Obispo, C / Manuel Diaz Cano, C / Flor and C / Travesía, will be cut at 6.30 pm having the usual detour through the east of Agramón (usual detour of the parties).

All those fans and athletes who want to see the test must make the trip to the hamlet of Agramón before the scheduled time (18 hours) or arrive by the road in the direction of Minateda and La Horca.

The Department of Sports of the City of Hellín is grateful for the collaboration and work of an operation of more than 150 people to carry out one of the most relevant sports events at the provincial, regional, and national levels.