Arsenio Fernández, Jorge Ormeño, Graciela Molina, Arturo Acuña and Juan Olivares were recognized at the launch of the 131st anniversary month of the Santiago Wanderers Sports Club.

This Tuesday, August 1, officially began the 131st anniversary month of Santiago Wanderers, the oldest club in Chilean football and one of the oldest in Latin America. In a renovated social and sports space, a series of activities organized by the Santiago Wanderers corporation was launched.

The ceremony began with the words of the president of the Corporation, Angélica Escudero, who valued the presence of the authorities present and highlighted the process of growth and consolidation that the wandering organization has had in recent years.

“These advances are part of the legacy of many people who have made themselves available to work for the Corporation and who have a very clear club model. We position ourselves in opposition to public limited and sports companies, and in parallel, we defend the management that can be led successfully and with all the necessary skills by the members of the club. This is a long-term road, however, we are preparing for tomorrow to offer all the people of Wandering a successful management model that allows us to be prepared to take control when the concession of professional football ends.”

The mayor of Valparaíso, Jorge Sharp, arrived at the Arsenio Fernández Social and Sports Center; the Seremi of National Assets, Tomás Kovacic and the regional councilor, Nataly Campusano, among other authorities. Precisely the mayor of Buenos Aires valued that the Corporation works on resignifying the former CREAD of Sename.

“We are very grateful for the invitation that the corporation has extended to us, together we have developed an intense work of cooperation. The fact that the activities of the corporation are developed in the former CREAD constitutes a tremendous opportunity to change the soul of a place that inflicted so much pain and hopelessness on girls and boys and transform it into a social, sports and community meeting space as they have done so far. We believe in the commitment to sports and social development that the Santiago Wanderers Corporation has”.

Similarly, the regional councilor, Nataly Campusano, highlighted the collaborative work between the caturra directive and the public sector. “Today we commemorate a year in which the corporation has this space, in which it is necessary to recognize the effort that all institutions have made available so that today we have a pleasant, harmonious place full of citizen participation, in which not only the wanderings fans are involved but also the community of Playa Ancha and surroundings “.

After the words of the authorities, recognition was given to the family of Arsenio Fernández, former president of the club and who gave the name to the social and sports venue of Playa Ancha.
Later a Galvano was given to the family of Jorge Ormeño, who will give his name to one of the meeting rooms, same case with the relatives of Graciela Molina, who is present in the other meeting room, and finally, Arturo Acuña was also recognized through his family, who gives his name to the remodeled gym.

In a third moment, the gym collapsed after the recognition of Juan Olivares Marambio, former goalkeeper and idol of the institution, who was distinguished as an honorary member of the Santiago Wanderers Corporation. The former footballer, visibly moved, thanked this appointment.

“I did not expect this reception, my eyes filled with tears of emotion because I feel the green color inside my heart. They call me from different sides to invite me to activities despite my age. People recognize me because I have never changed my way of being and because I am very clear about where I come from. I’ve always been the same; where I was, I’ve talked about Wanderers.”

The finishing touch to the exciting evening was the presentation of the new shirt of the Santiago Wanderers Corporation on its 131st anniversary. The clothing, made by T Deportes, stands out for the elegance of its design highlighting the classic green of the club and also on its back bears the phrase “The club is ours”.