Bellido starts the Pálmaces de Jadraque Triathlon
The president of the Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha, Pablo Bellido, has given this Saturday the start to the Triathlon of Pálmaces de Jadraque, in the province of Guadalajara, which in its XXVIII edition has brought together more than 300 participants to travel its 1,800 meters of swimming, 60 kilometers of cycling and another 12 of race that made up the entire itinerary.

At the beginning of the test, he has also been accompanying the mayor, Modesto Benito Llorente, and the provincial deputy Marco Antonio Campos. Bellido has praised “the great mobilization” that achieves each year the organization of this unique sporting event, in a small town that makes this appointment “a meeting space, a demonstration of citizen involvement and a symbol of love for our peoples and for the natural environment ”

Cuenca repeats as headquarters of the Orbit Basketball Campus
A total of 160 young athletes, almost double that in the previous edition, participate this week in the Orbit 2023 Campus of the Basketball Federation of Castilla-La Mancha, which once again has Cuenca as its headquarters. Next to them, is a score of monitors who direct them in their training.

The Councilor for Sports, Charo Rodríguez, and the provincial delegate for Education, Culture and Sport, Sonia Isidro, visited this Thursday the “base center” of this Orbita Campus, the Alonso de Ojeda residence, by the hand of the sports coordinator, Ramón González; the general coordinator, Dolores Menéndez; and the coordinator of the Campus, Carlos Gómez de la Orden, has informed the City Council in a press release.

Rodríguez highlighted “the pride that Cuenca repeats as the headquarters of this Campus that gives such good results and that, of course, is a success, as evidenced by the fact that it has doubled its participation”.

As he explained, the works are developed both in the Alonso de Ojeda residence itself and in municipal facilities: the sports centers of El Sargal and San Fernando, the Tiradores pool and the Santa Teresa school; and the sports facilities of the UCLM Campus.

Those responsible for the Orbita Campus have explained that “the objective we pursue with this Campus is that all participants leave being better players and, in addition, that they enjoy the experience a lot”.

Among the jobs carried out by the monitors with the young players are ball handling, passing, teamwork, and shooting * “In general, all kinds of techniques to develop their skills in the best possible way,” they have highlighted.

The Orbit 2023 Campus, which reaches its fifth edition, is organized by the Basketball Federation of Castilla-La Mancha with the collaboration of the City Council of Cuenca, the Junta de Castilla-La Mancha, the Provincial Council of Cuenca and the UCLM. Since 2018, the year in which it was born, it has established itself as a sports alternative for the summer.

Rubén Espada and Antonio Pozo win the Frontón de Mira
Mira hosted the second round of the fifteenth edition of the Frontenis Circuit “Diputación de Cuenca”, which was attended by 8 couples. In this way, and according to the competition regulations, the pairs were framed in two groups of four couples each. The two best couples of each group would go to the semifinals.

Group A was dominated by the pair coming from Tinajas formed by Samuel Carrasco and Jaime Carrasco who won in their three games. He was accompanied to the semifinals by Quintana residents Felix Moya and Aaron Parreño who managed to win two of their three games. Rubén Espada and Antonio Pozo prevailed in their 3 games and sneaked into the semifinals as first of group B, accompanied to the semifinals by the Villarta couple formed by Víctor José Lerma and José Joaquín Martínez.

The first of the semifinals opted for the side of Samuel and Jaime who beat -not without problems- Víctor José and José Joaquín, by 14-9. In the second of the semifinals, Rubén and Antonio played the pass to the final with Felix and Aaron. The tinajas Rubén and Antonio earned the right to be in the last at the end of the game with a score of 16-10.

In the dispute of the 3rd place, they managed to prevail -in an even game- Víctor José and José Joaquín by 15-12.

And in the final, there were old acquaintances and regulars of the Circuit. In a very even game until the end Rubén and Antonio got the victory by 15-9 against Samuel and Jaime.

After all the games, we proceeded to the trophy ceremony. It was in charge of the provincial deputy Emma Cano, the mayor of Mira Mirian Lava and the councilor José Miguel Ruiz.

The next stop of this fifteenth Circuit of Frontenis Diputación travels to the Alcarria to be played on July 30 in the town of Cañaveruelas.