The governor of the province, Omar Perotti, participated this Tuesday in the city of Santa Fe at the beginning of the second finals of the Santafesinos 2023 Games -of which more than 100,000 young people participated in 57 disciplines-, an instance that will allow to form the delegation that will represent the province of Santa Fe in the National Games Evita.

The first finals were held on August 10 and 11 in Rosario, and the third and final stage will be on August 30 and 31 in Rafaela. In this second final, more than 1,500 athletes will compete this Tuesday and Wednesday in 14 disciplines, activities that will take place in different scenarios of the provincial capital.

During the ceremony, held at the High Performance Sports Center, the governor expressed his joy at “being able to share these moments with you. As I told the boys of Rosario, I would like to be on that side”, and highlighted “the enormous work you did in all this time in each of the schools and in the organization, that we have reached 100,000 participants has you as direct protagonists, so thank you very much for that effort, for that accompaniment and for that joy and enthusiasm that they infect each of the boys from every corner of this province, “said Perotti.

And he added: “There is no doubt that each one of you surely takes the pride of having represented in the best way your people, your city, your school, and that is indelible,” and anticipated that “we will surely have the delegation on the way to Mar del Plata that will leave the province of Santa Fe very high again, sports province, a hotbed of sport in each of the disciplines that have been put into play”.

The event was also attended by the Ministers of Public Management, Marcos Corach; and Government, Justice and Human Rights, Celia Arena; the Secretary of Sports, Florencia Molinero; together with presidents and leaders of the different sports federations, among others.


For his part, Molinero thanked Governor Perotti “for the important decision to bet on sport. Year after year the Santafesinos Games were growing. After the pandemic, last year, we started with 80,000 children and today there are 100,000 enrolled, 1,600 schools, more than 500 clubs and all federations, working in favor of Santa Fe sport”.

Meanwhile, the president of the Santafesina Volleyball Federation, Fabián Bochatay, said that “the Santafesinos Games make a lot of kids come to practice a sports activity, anyone, and that is very important,” and acknowledged that “there are children who if not for this project could not be able to participate in an activity of this magnitude, That is why the importance of the support and accompaniment of the government of the province”.


The Santafesinos 2023 Games, implemented by the government of the province, will play three major finals with venues in Rosario, Santa Fe and Rafaela, to define the teams and athletes that will represent Santa Fe in the Evita National Games (from September 25 to 30 in Mar del Plata). The sports and educational program, which exceeded 100,000 registrations in 57 sports disciplines, began its local instance on May 8 with more than 1,000 events per week and continued with the departmental and regional stages, which gave way to this last phase of competitions.

On August 10 and 11, the first grand final was held, with its epicenter at the Club Atlético Provincial in the city of Rosario. These 1,200 athletes competed in chess, adapted and conventional swimming, handball, hockey, fencing, tennis, artistic swimming, 3×3 basketball, adapted and conventional athletics and football 11.

The second grand final takes place this August 15 and 16 in the city of Santa Fe, where 1,532 participants will compete in conventional and adapted athletics, wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, football 11, handball, hockey, basketball, futsal, volleyball, beach volleyball, beach handball, swimming and rugby. The activities will be held from 13 to 18 at the High-Performance Sports Center, the premises of the Santafesina Football League, the Santafesina Hockey Association, the Villa Dora, Unión and Regatas, the Esquina Encendida, the Normal School No. 32 and Costa Oeste.

Finally, on August 30 and 31 the third grand final will be held in the city of Rafaela with the participation of 600 athletes who will play the finals in 5×5 basketball, volleyball, football 11, football 7, track cycling, mountain biking, and adapted sports together.


The national multi-sport competitions this year will have three major events, with new disciplines and scenarios, and will have the presence of Santa Fe with a delegation that exceeds 1,000 athletes. The calendar begins on August 29 in Tecnópolis (Buenos Aires) with the debut of the Urban Games, where there will be BMX Freestyle, Freestyle, Parkour and Brea King, which are added for the first time to the sports calendar of the Evita, along with Chess, 3×3 Basketball, Climbing and Skateboarding.

Later, from September 7 to 12, it will be the turn of the elderly in Termas de Río Hondo (Santiago del Estero), where athletes from all over the country who are over 60 years old will participate in Tejo, Toad, Chess, Orienteering, Newcom, Table Tennis, Paddle and Trick.

Finally, between September 25 and 30, the Youth Games will bring together in Mar del Plata 20,000 young people from all over Argentina who will compete in more than 50 sports disciplines between conventional and adapted for people with disabilities.