The arrival of Leo Messi at Inter Miami has completely revolutionized the world of social networks. In the commercial and social section, the American club has been having exceptional growth never seen before

Just a few days ago he produced Messi’s official debut with Inter Miami, but he is already triumphing. Commercially speaking, his signing has caused an incredible revolution, to such an extent that his new club is one of the most successful on social networks from the moment his hiring was announced. In sports, he still has a tough challenge in the company of his friends to try to reverse the situation of a very touched team.

The announcement of the signing of Lionel Messi made Inter Miami one of the clubs that has gained the most followers on social networks in recent times. On their Instagram, the American outfit jumped from 1 million fans to the current 11.6 million. In Spain, it is only surpassed by Real Madrid, Barça and Atlético de Madrid. If we talk about Brazil, it is only behind Flamengo, but it has already surpassed Corinthians, São Paulo, and Palmeiras.

In fact, these numbers are well above the teams of the NFL, which is the main American football league, and also higher than those of the teams that make up the baseball league in the United States. Precisely because of all the success that Messi’s arrival in the United States has brought, Bruno Brum, CMO of Agência End to End, expressed the following: “Today, athletes are the main connection for young fans in all sports. It’s not uncommon to see people supporting LeBron starting to follow and support the Lakers.”

From the moment it was announced that Leo Messi would sign for Inter Miami, the club began to have worldwide attention. “If you expected that in social networks the growth of the club would be important, but they did not imagine reaching these levels,” said Fábio Wolff, managing partner of Wolff Sports. Inter Miami’s Tik Tok reached 5.2 million followers and practically tripled the figures in relation to what it had before the arrival of the Argentine star.

The club must think about structuring a strategic plan to stay active with new content, thinking in the long term. Keep in mind that Leo Messi is at the end of his career and Inter Miami is a relatively young team. Therefore, David Beckham must implement a strategy for when Rosario decides to hang up his boots and the team remains sustainable and achieves that those new sponsors who arrived with their new players manage to stay.