Joao’s puzzle is missing many pieces

Looking at the UD Almería squad that appears on the website of the Professional Football League (LFP) we see a total of 26 players targeted where Appiah still does not appear, a signing that cost a paste to the Saudi minister to be almost every season on loan in Second Division. The equator of the summer market has not yet been reached and the Portuguese Joao Gonçalves, sports advisor to the president in terms of signings, has a lot of work ahead until August 31. Six signings have been made (Luis Suárez, Édgar, Lopy, Pubill, Arribas and Baba), -all putting money on the table-, but there are still more new faces to come to the puzzle of Joao Gonçalves, who is missing many pieces, he also has plenty … and the League in the First Division underway with the transfer market that will be taking cruising speed in the coming days as it approaches its end on the last day of this month of August.

Mendes and Eguaras, who were not summoned by Vicente Moreno on the first day of the 2023-2024 course in the National League Championship in the First Division, have all the ballots to pack their bags and leave the rojiblanca template. The side Mendes would be loaned since he still has three years left on his contract and the midfielder Eguaras would reach an agreement with Turki’s men to put an end to his contractual relationship with the Rojiblanco club.

Exit ramp
The message of the Valencian coach in the first call of the season was clear in the sense that the two rojiblancos players do not enter the plans of the new Almeria. He put in the list of the match against Rayo Vallecano de Francisco players who had only a few hours and training with their teammates. Joao Gonçalves is working full steam ahead to hit the target with the faces that are missing to reach the new template of the new Almería 2023-2024. The signings that remain to arrive will be of weight, like that of the goalkeeper and two strikers because two ‘9’ will come after the departures of El Bilal Touré and Dyego Sousa.

The puzzle of the Portuguese is incomplete, there are many days ahead of the transfer market, but there is a big problem: the League is already underway. You have to trust the president’s men because they know the domestic and foreign markets very well, as they have shown since they arrived in August 2019.

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