The Unión Financiera Base Oviedo faces the final stretch of its rest before returning to training with the arrival of the month of August. The Oviedo team has put together a good team, with important names such as Víctor Alonso, who returns home. After having passed through ASOBAL and having packed his bags for Romania, France, Italy, Kosovo and Israel, he now reinforces Base Oviedo and arrives with ambition.

An ambition that he transmits in Deportes COPE Asturias: “I am very happy to be able to return home to an interesting project like this. My personal idea is to look up. I’m a very ambitious person and the club knows that. If I come here, I come with ambition. We can’t put on the label of going up. We have a very good squad, but there are very good squads. We need the city to respond and the institutions to lend a hand so that there is a team in ASOBAL”.

He has had multiple international experiences: “I went abroad driven by the economic situation in Spain. When I was a professional in Spain there was a very high level. Then came the crisis and there was no money for handball. I received offers from abroad, the first from Romania and then I went to France. I was there for three years, had some bad injury experience and went back to Spain. And Covid arrived and the issue still worsened in Spain. Since I wasn’t going to the national team, I decided it was time to go out and get to know the world and new countries. And so it was.”

Kosovo or Israel are two different countries: “I really liked the experiences. Kosovo gave me more respect for what you hear on TV, but nothing to see. It is a growing country, it has many shortcomings, but the personal treatment is incredible. I was there two and a half years. In Israel it was like in the Caribbean. It was on the coast, with a very good climate…”