At the end of July Movistar gave the surprise with the announcement of a renewed television service with the same commercial name of ‘Movistar Plus +’ but that came with a different spirit to be able to be hired also by users who were not customers of the operator.

The new platform has begun to be operational today, August 1, 2023, and will bring important changes in terms of programming and channels, with some dials that disappear, others that move from place to place, and several that are unified in a single space.

How will the dials look with respect to the grill we have right now? Next, we will review the most important news that we will see from today, although there are some channels that at the time of writing these lines are not yet available and as we can consult in the operator’s programming guide will appear throughout the day.

Which channels change and which ones arrive as of today, August 1, 2023

The Movistar Plus+ television service includes 36 premium channels (in addition to international/news channels and DTT), of which 8 channels are exclusive to the platform as they cannot be viewed from Orange TV, Vodafone TV, or Agile TV. Although from now on, Movistar Plus + can be hired by users of any operator.

The Movistar Essential television package has lost during the last months a dozen premium channels that will not be in Movistar Plus +, and in addition, from today there will be a series of important changes with the intention, as indicated by the operator itself, to “facilitate and enrich the Movistar Plus + experience”:

The first change is that the current channel ‘#0 by M +’ disappears from dial 7 and will be replaced by ‘Movistar Plus +’ with the same numbering, becoming the new flagship of the operator. It will be available to customers with Essential TV or Family Fusion.
Also appearing on dial 13 is the channel ‘Originals by M+’, available to all customers with television offers, where all the original productions of Movistar Plus + will be broadcast: films, series, documentaries, exclusive programs, etc.

‘M+ La Resistencia’, the channel focused on the emblematic program presented by David Broncano, changes from dial 21 to dial 32.
On the other hand, ‘M+ Premieres’ and ‘M+ Premieres 2’ are unified in the channel ‘Cinema by M+’, located on dial 11.
Similarly, ‘M+ Series’ and ‘M+ Series 2’ are unified in the ‘Series by M+’ channel, on dial 12.
‘M+ Fest’ becomes the new ‘Music for M+’ channel, which can now be found on dial 31.
Finally, ‘Clic Cine’ currently available on dial 14 on UHD set-top boxes, becomes the new ‘Multicine’ channel on dial 28.

‘Documentaries by M+’: will broadcast original documentaries from Movistar, as well as the best documentaries from the BBC.
‘Let’s go for M +’: the broadcast of programs such as ‘The day after’ or ‘Report Plus’ is maintained, in addition to the best broadcasts of rugby, Formula 1, NFL, Golf, Indica, NBA or tennis.
‘Ellas Vamos por M+’: maintains its broadcast focused on women’s competitions.

In addition to the exclusive channels, Movistar Plus + has premium channels from other producers, among which are the following depending on the theme:

Film and Series: WarnerBrosTV, Canal Hollywood, Fox, AXN, Cosmo, TCM, Comedy Central, Syfy and Calle 13.
Sports: Eurosport 1 and 2, upbeat, Garage TV and football replay.
Documentaries: Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Nat Geo Wild, History.
Entertainment: Enfamilia, MTV, decasa, canal cocina.
Children: Disney jr, Dreamworks, nickelodeon, Nick jr, Baby TV.
International/News: CNN, BBC, CNBC, Euronews, Bloomberg, Fox news, Sky news, Aljazeera, France 24. TV+monde, CGTN, 1+1, CNC world, Business.

What happens if I am a Movistar Plus+ Lite user
Movistar has clarified in its blog that since July 21 new registrations are no longer allowed in Movistar Plus + Lite and all interested parties will have to subscribe to Movistar + from August 1.

Regarding users who have contracted Movistar Plus + Lite, they will continue with the possibility of accessing the platform, keeping the offer in force for 8 euros per month but “without the improvements that the Movistar Plus + product brings”. They also warn that in the case of “customers who have a mobile contracted with unlimited data, which includes Movistar Plus + Lite”, they will automatically be migrated for free to the new offer, although it will be possible to maintain this service with your subscription of 8 euros per month.

For Movistar Plus + Lite customers who are also not other Movistar services, the operator states that “the service and price are maintained, and some content is updated”. The same happens in the case of being a Movistar Plus + Lite customer with another operator.

In addition, they clarify that Movistar Plus + Lite customers will no longer have channel #0, as it disappears from all packages, where it is replaced by the Original channel by M +, the place that will accommodate movies, series, documentaries, exclusive programs, etc.