The future of Neymar is becoming more apparent, although it will not be until next week when negotiations are opened that may be definitive for his departure. As explained by ‘RMC’, PSG does not plan to terminate the contract of the Brazilian to leave free and hopes to charge some significant amount for his transfer. As SPORT has explained, he signs for a club in Saudi Arabia and can play a year on loan at the Blaugrana club.

According to the information of ‘RMC’, the PSG has never considered opening negotiations for the termination despite the fact that they would save a very important contract. They invested 222 million euros and believe that the player has a high contract valuation. It is true that PSG has told him that it does not have him, but the decision came after a long reflection and after the player told the technicians that he was not happy in Paris.

The key to the whole thing is whether PSG will be willing to sell a player to Saudi Arabia. They were not very supportive, but they have no choice. Agent Pini Zahavi is already mediating in the matter with another important representative and they are clear that everything can be unblocked. The Saudi offer will be important both in transfer and in signing for the player for four years. And they know that the indispensable condition that Neymar has asked is that they facilitate his loan to Barça in his first year of contract.

At Barça they have been attentive to the situation for days and are perfectly informed. And they have already been an active part to have that assignment. Their condition is clear: they can only pay 12 million net a year for the footballer. Neymar sees that route well because rescinding would mean forgiving a lot of money and losing it definitively if he goes to Barça. If he has his future tied up in Arabia, he knows that his return to Barça would be approaching.